Elisa is the fairest queen cd coverEliza is the fairest Quene

Sackbut and Cornett Ensemble

This sublime CD combines the sonorous warmth of the QuintEssential Sackbut and Cornett Ensemble and the shimmering voices of Stephan Wallace, Timothy Massa and Julian Podger. Comprising of a selection of instrumental works and vocal songs accompanied by the lute. This collection also features the lute solo ‘Walsingham’ by Francis Cutting.


Celebrating Shakespearenew doc 5_1

This World’s Globe

Musicians and Actors of the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre London

The Musicians and Actors of Shakespeare’s Globe perform material from productions including Romeo and Juliet, Richard II, Twelfth Night, Measure for Measure and Much Ado About Nothing. Featuring acclaimed actors such as Mark Rylance, Liam Brennan, Tom Burke and John McEnery.

Masque of Oberon cd coverThe Masque of Oberon

Musicians of the Globe
Philip Pickett

This masque, first performed at the Banqueting House, Whitehall on New Year’s Day 1611, is truly a feast for the senses. Featuring the music of Alfonso Ferrabosco II, Robert Johnson and others.

Sweet Sorrow cd coverSuch Sweet Sorrow

The Shakespeare’s Globe Musicians and Actors

This disc presents music from the plays of William Shakespeare c.1595. This is a collection of tracks that were incorporated in the Globe performances in 2004 by the Shakespeare’s Globe Musicians. It includes a lute solo by John Dowland, (c. 1610) The Frog Galliard, first performed in the production of Much Ado About Nothing.(2003)

Quinessessential dc coverIn Venetia

The QuintEssential Sackbut and Cornet Ensemble

This is a beautiful collection of canzone and sonate by Giovanni Gabrieli, Giovanni Priuli, Claudio Merulo and others. Performed for the purpose of high feast days, one is transported to the majestic splendour of Venice.