External Teaching

Often I get asked by music societies and festivals to provide workshops or lectures on various different aspects of the lute. One such example is the Guitar Fest at Birmingham Conservatoire. Lectures can take many forms, but a popular request is a whistle-stop history of the lute and it’s development into the modern guitar. Presenting about 10 different instruments, I can demonstrate through performance example, an historical narrative as to how the lute developed from its Eastern origins through to an eventual decline at the end of the Baroque era. This gives the audience a very close up and detailed experience of what the instruments look like and how they would have sounded. I can chart a development into tunings, shifting techniques, notation and the progression of the musical form.

Lectures for such occasions can be shaped or molded to fit the specifications of the event.

One-to-one Teaching

I am available to give one-to-one lessons. This can be on any instrument connected to the lute family. I also give continuo and accompaniment classes and I coach classical guitarists on the early solo repertoire.

If you are interested in taking up the lute and you are not sure where to start, have a look at my Lute Tutorial for beginners. If you wish to get in touch for more details, please email me using the address below.

I am also happy to set up Skype or FaceTime sessions.


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